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Roof Windows RADIAL Cacak, Serbia

roof windows

Sime Sarage street, No 31A, 32000 Cacak, Serbia

Radial Cacak - telephones

++381 (0) 32 55 78 400
++381 (0) 63 604 803
++381 (0) 64 88 34 590
FAX:+381(0) 32 55 78 188



Additional components

To avoid the greenhouse effect in the summer period, it is recommended to have corresponding protection installed with your window.
The most efficient protection is secured by an external curtain, made of special fabric resistant to the weather impact, installed under the upper casing (the cap) of the window. This curtain prevents both the penetration of the sunrays and the excessive heating of the glass pane.

RADIAL roof windows - External curtain

External curtain

The inner curtain will prevent the penetration of sunrays with a 100% success rate; it will not, however, prevent the heating of the glass pane. For these reasons, the inner curtain is considered less efficient, but also easier to manipulate.

RADIAL roof windows - inner blinds

Inner blinds

Colours and materials of inner blinds and curtains






RADIAL roof windows - Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

Colours of Venetian blinds

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Identification data, PEPDV Form
Identification data, PEPDV Form