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Roof Windows RADIAL Cacak, Serbia

roof windows

Sime Sarage street, No 31A, 32000 Cacak, Serbia

Radial Cacak - telephones

++381 (0) 32 55 78 400
++381 (0) 63 604 803
++381 (0) 64 88 34 590
FAX:+381(0) 32 55 78 188



Roof lid – Exit to the roof

RADIAL roow windows - roof lid - exit to roof

The 50 X 70cm roof lid is produced with a side-opening sash. The roof frame and the sash are made of pinewood, with final protection. The casing is made of aluminium tinplate, coloured in RAL8019 finish, while the standard glazing is Float4/12/4.

The lid is supplied with the coating attached to the frame.


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Identification data, PEPDV Form
Identification data, PEPDV Form